[MUD-Dev] Simulated Populations

Vladimir Prelovac tomcat at galeb.etf.bg.ac.yu
Thu Jan 20 17:35:52 New Zealand Daylight Time 2000

On Wed, 19 Jan 2000, phlUID wrote:

>  Simulated Populations in Fantasy MUDS
>  -------------------------------------

> target other Areas. For example, if a dwarf is born
> as an adventurer who wants to kill Elves, it can
> set off to an Area with an elf population. This

  I am just having a look at this from the programming side of view. If
you are going to have large numbers of mobs moving from one location to
the other (ie. hunting, searching for food, going to war...) you will have
to spend a *lot* of CPU time calculating shortest paths. And I still dont
know an efficient way to handle this. Maybe there is a way to build this
database with some kind of implemented solution to this problem within it.

  Second matter is problem of handling system crashes or at least reboots.
You would obviously need a very safe and precise method of saving all the
data that have evolved (population info, every mob's current goal, etc
etc) and restoring them back, because you dont want your world to start
building itself from scratch every time you reboot.

  The whole idea is of course very interesting. But also the effort that
has to be put into building it is simply HUGE. Hope you will finish it

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