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J C Lawrence wrote:
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Delurking :)

A bit about me first, I'm a (just) a Elder Wiz at Shattered Worlds.
I've been a Wiz for ~1 year there, and a player there for about 9 months
before that. Shattered has been around since about '91 or '92.

At Shattered Worlds, we have a IMO a neat system.
First there are Players, which are all players who have not completed
either all of the quests, or all of the quests that are required in
which ever guild that they are in. After completing the quest
the player becomes a Lord.  Once a Lord, the player has to do Lord
which are things in the line of get such-and-suches head, and there is
a Lord Ball.( An unfortunate failure, it is still in the game, but
players are
uninterested in it. I was the implementor on that one. :-) )
As the Lord gets more Lord Points, his/her Lord rank increases, they
decrease in time  A Lord starts out at Sir/Madam, then gets to
and almost finally Duke/Duchess. The ultimate achievement is
To become King/Queen the player must be at least a Baron/Baroness and
his/her cult be the largest. Largest being the total amount of quest
of all of the members, plus extra points for being a Citizen. (We allow
player to have 1 citizen character.)  Sooo while there is one player who
tends to be King most of the time, power plays from the other Lords
about 3 to 4 times a year. Some are quite bloody. :-) But there 
always seems that there is a take-over brewing.  Not only are these take
enjoyable to the man who would be King, but to the members of the cult.
It tends
to get very political. (We have a Democratic Monarchy, and almost
is player run, shops, laws, justice, guild alliances, cults.)

The King/Queen has his/her own "palace", and is in charge of keeping the
of the main city up and running through taxation. 

JC wrote in a followup
> I'd be tempted to give people with places on the fame table
> something special; something to signify their status. 

We don't give very much atm, but the players are pretty happy.
Tho we are introducing unique items for Guild Leaders, and the


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