[MUD-Dev] MUD-Dev vs. adv-mud

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Fri Jan 21 00:16:34 New Zealand Daylight Time 2000

J C Lawrence wrote:
> <<Crossed to MUD-Dev>>

  I've noticed that most, if not all, of the traffic that
crosses the MUD-Dev list and the new adv-mud list is relitively
compatible. Mostly I've been sticking to the adv-mud list because
I just recently joined MUD-Dev, but this brings up a point that
seems painfully obvious to me:

  Both these lists are becoming incredibly similar.

  As far as I can discern, adv-mud is geared more towards actual
code and implementation in C++, while MUD-Dev sticks to design
principles because it encompasses the entire mudding community.
While I like design issues, I also like to get into the nitty
gritty of the actual language, which is outside of MUD-Dev's
general scope because it is language independant.

  Most of my interests lie in both these areas, so I am going
to make it my policy to carbon copy all my email about design
issues to both the adv-mud list and the MUD-Dev list, while
keeping coding issues on the adv-mud list. I just wanted to
announce this so that people won't become confused with
cross-list email. I'll also try to keep it a bit more organized.
The only problem with this is that sometimes my questions about
design are answered on the adv-mud list and then it becomes
awkward to forward associated thread over to the MUD-Dev list.

  My question is about any policies about cross-list email
and what kind of format it should take so that it is easily
understandable to members of one list and not the other.

  Obviously, most of you have probabily noticed that a lot of
material is being forwarded to the MUD-Dev list from the
adv-mud list.

Amos Wetherbee,
The Spellbound Project

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