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Fri Jan 21 01:15:25 New Zealand Daylight Time 2000

Warren Powell wrote:
> The main way in which we do this is via the folowing tables:
> 1. Fame table

  Spellbound will have functionality such as this by using the 'top'
command. This idea was adapted from ElendorMUSH and Abandoned Reality.
The 'top' command allows players to view tables where they can compete
for the highest ranking. This builds a certain competetive edge, and
the more varied your tables are, the more addicted players will be to
trying to show up the 'other guy'. A small list of tops are:
 - Top online time. Who is on the most?
 - Top pkiller. Who is that pkilling bastard?
 - Top experience/remorts/level. Who is a powerleveller?
 - Top fame. (Fame is akin to karma, favor, quest points, etc).
 - Top races.
 - Top <class>. Who are the best mages? Warriors? Thieves?
 - Top contributions. For builders. Who has built the most rooms? Areas?
 - Top postings. Who has posted the most to the bulletin boards?
 - Top explorer. Who has explored most of the game world?
 - Top money hoarder. Who is Bill Gates?
 - .. the list goes on and on.

  This brings up another subject that I am interested in researching.
How do you get players addicted to your mud? What are some ideas that
people have implemented to make players just HAVE to get on and player
for just a FEW more minutes.. I've read an excellent paper on the
subject of addiction from Amit's Game Programming Resources (no link
offhand), and it seems to me that the more players that you can get
addicted, the more stable your playerbase is and the more free
advertising you are getting. (The more devoted players, the more they
will want to tell their friends about your MUD. Word of mouth is
invaluable in the Mudding community.)

Amos Wetherbee,
The Spellbound Project

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