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On Thu, 20 Jan 2000 14:26:00 EST 
CFrancy  <CFrancy at aol.com> wrote:

> Regarding commercial licenses - does anyone know where I can find
> some muds that offer these?  And about what price range they run
> in for the ability to profit from the game?

What is not be well publicised, is that many (most?) current servers
can be licensed in a business compatable license for a fee.  Realise
that the copyright holder may relicense his code under whatever
license he wishes, as he wishes.  Thus he may have the code out in
the field under the DIKU license, but could also license it to you
for a fee under a more business-reasonable license.The fly that hits
the ointment here is that servers which have accepted patches from
variant sources and which have not required the copyright for those
patches to be expressly turned over to them, may require more work
to get the full set of license permissions.

> Any suggestions or website locations for that matter will be
> greatly appreciated.

Illya of the ex-GameCommandos did a survey on the area.  There was
minimal discussion on the area on MUD-Dev, and on rec.games.mud.*.

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