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Sellers Sellers
Fri Jan 28 14:23:28 New Zealand Daylight Time 2000

Lovecraft wrote:
> ...
> Corruption, like a weed, lives.  Since I am a developer and the only level
> editor/writer/operator/scripter, I don't directly administer.  When I
> receive a report of a crime, I refer it to a player Guard or Demagogue
> (legislator).  When I receive a report of Guard or Demagogue corruption or
> neglect, I investigate.  When necessary I remove the corrupt official.
> In-game the mundanes (NPCs) have just removed the corrupt official.  One
> example exists on Mileth Political Discussion Board in Dark Ages.

Just curious, but why don't you give the players the ability to remove a
corrupt official (possibly by withdrawing 'Clout')?  I suppose you'd want to
keep some final authority, but given the rest of what you described, this
part seems like a natural.

Mike Sellers

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