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Lovecraft dave at darkages.com
Fri Jan 28 22:19:24 New Zealand Daylight Time 2000

Mike Sellers wrote:

> Lovecraft wrote:
> ...
> > Corruption, like a weed, lives.  Since I am a developer and the only
> > editor/writer/operator/scripter, I don't directly administer.  When I
> > receive a report of a crime, I refer it to a player Guard or Demagogue
> > (legislator).  When I receive a report of Guard or Demagogue corruption
> > neglect, I investigate.  When necessary I remove the corrupt official.
> > In-game the mundanes (NPCs) have just removed the corrupt official.  One
> > example exists on Mileth Political Discussion Board in Dark Ages.

> Just curious, but why don't you give the players the ability to remove a
> corrupt official (possibly by withdrawing 'Clout')?  I suppose you'd want
> keep some final authority, but given the rest of what you described, this
> part seems like a natural.

Please pardon my confusing statement.

Citizens, not only politicians, have the power to Widdle (deduct Clout
anonymously but inefficiently), Attack (deduct clout publicly and
efficiently), and Remove (remove once Clout is 0).  [1]  The mechanics are
gamey. [2]

The problem appears when someone slips through the cracks.  Most common
cracks are:

    1. Apathy [3].  If it's not ultimately rewarding, a player doesn't do
it. [4]
    2. Misunderstanding/miscommunication between officials.
    3. Game limits.  No one can attack you when you are offline.

Fortunately, seeped corruption only happens occasionally; my social
supervision cost is less than the administration cost I had experienced in
managing appointed player admins.

Dave Kennerly
Game Director

[1] One player's political overview, including mechanics:
http://www.darkages.com/atavism/lore -> Click "Politica Dominica"

[2] Clout table:

Actual Clout numbers revised; after player reports that anonymous attacking
and single-citizen attacking were too convenient:

[3] I have removed apathetic officials on a couple of occasions.  Since
there are multiple officials and I have very limited tools, an official's
sphere of responsibility can be grayed.  For example, the can-be-true
excuse: "I was off-duty."

[4] Ultimately fun, even if immediately boring.  For examples: leveling for
a better item, doing a boring cheat for great advantages, the social
prestige of office, or the fun expected from real-world social skills
learned while playing politician.

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