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In <URL:/archives/meow?group+local.muddev> on Fri 28 Jan, Geoffrey A. MacDougall wrote:
> Re: Lovecraft's last posting:

> Lovecraft wrote: 
> > What is an example system that is less corrupt than the tyranny of the
> > majority?

> An incorruptable and authoritarian AI hooked up to an everlasting power
> supply that is programmed to listen to and evaluate every possible point of
> view on every possible issue, and make decisions that maximize the
> well-being of every person alive by ensuring that equal distibution of both
> goods and security is balanced with unheralded levels of social and
> scientific progress, all the while maintaining the prime directive that all
> forms of life are to be protected and cherished at both the individual and
> collective levels. :) 

I think that creating such a computer should not be trusted to humans...
A far simpler, and fairer, system is one where the majority rules but is
obliged to compensate the minority whenever a vote goes in a way that is
harming them.
The problem is  that it is impossible to make a decision on an important
subject that does not 'hurt' somebody in some way.  E.g. when planning a
new highway it must run through some people's backyard. Even if you plan
it so that it inconveniences the least people,  there will be people who
have that highway in their backyard.  Regardless how you arrive at  that
decision.  So, I would suggest to make the people who 'win' the vote, or
decision, or whatever,  compensate those who 'lose' it.  Maybe that will
give them an incentive to  both minimise the damage,  and reconsider any
action that will cost them more than in it gains them (e.g. is that high
way really necessary?).

Of course, this is hard to achieve in mud terms where there is neither a
true form of power, nor a true form of cost.

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