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JC wrote: 
> On Mon, 10 Jan 2000 15:23:53 -0800 
> Sellers, Michael <MSellers at> wrote:
> > (Besides, both the Plymouth Compact and the Frame of Government
> > are pretty short and easy to read -- though there is voluminous
> > commentary on both.)
> Could you give URls for these?  In particular I've not been able to
> find what I think you are referring to as the Plymouth Compact.  The
> closest I've gotten are the various links under:
> (Some good stuff in there).  The same page also lists several "Frame
> of Government" documents for Pennsylvania.  Is that set the one you
> are referring to?.

Yes (sorry, I thought I'd posted a link earlier).  There are a lot of good
docs on theses pages at Yale, particularly the older ones
(  Earlier I was specifically
referring to The Plymouth Compact (aka the Mayflower Compact)
( and Penn's original Frame
of Government ( though the
next versions are good too for showing how reality eventually comes into

Mike Sellers

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