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On Sun, 30 Jan 2000, J C Lawrence wrote:

[definitions snipped and sorted for short quote]

Right off I can say that these properties could be split into two groups.

Addiction and Maintainance.

The addiction properties are used to hook the player. The properties that I
see falling into this group are Community, Involvement, and Participation.
When Bubba enters the MUD and he sees that there are other players organized
enough to be part of guilds, nice enough to help a newbie, or simply speak
to him Bubba will feel his Involvement in that Community. As he becomes part
of the Community the other players will Involve him in adventures/etc. This
brings us to Participation. Participation is more of a transition from a
newbie to veteran. 

> >   Community -- they are a part of a society or social group, and
> >   Involvement -- they are an implicit and functional part of the
> >   Participation -- they are involved in group and game-world

The maintainance properties are used to keep the player playing. The four
properties all tie into each pretty nicely. To have attained any sort of
Value in a role the player would have made some sort of an Investment.
These two are almost self-perpetuating assuming the addiction properties have
done their job.

The only thing I'm having trouble with is the Mystery aspect. I believe it 
will have to be completely up to the content makers and coders to keep
the Mystery going. As long as there is something new a Future is guaranteed.

> >   Value -- they value their role, its impact, and their
> >   Investment -- they have invested effort and expertise with gains
>   Future -- the player must have and be able to sustain the idea
>   Mystery -- The game must retain things that are unknown but which

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