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Mon Jan 31 20:41:11 New Zealand Daylight Time 2000

I've added a few new references to the Library.  A couple in
particular are interesting.  From Peter Kollock's "Design Principles
for Online Communities" below, which seems to extend and detail some
of the base characteristics I've been proposing here recently:

APPENDIX: Lists of Design Principles for Communities 

      Axelrod's (1984) requirements for the possibility of cooperation: 
            Arrange that individuals will meet each other again 
            They must be able to recognize each other 
            They must have information about how the other has behaved until
      Ostrom's (1990) design principles of successful communities: 
            Group boundaries are clearly defined 
            Rules governing the use of collective goods are well matched to local
            needs and conditions 
            Most individuals affected by these rules can participate in modifying
            the rules 
            The right of community members to devise their own rules is respected
            by external authorities 
            A system for monitoring members' behavior exists; this monitoring is
            undertaken by the community members themselves 
            A graduated system of sanctions is used 
            Community members have access to low-cost conflict resolution
      Godwin's (1994) principles for making virtual communities work: 
            Use software that promotes good discussion 
            Don't impose a length limitation on postings 
            Front-load your system with talkative, diverse people 
            Let the users resolve their own disputes 
            Provide institutional memory 
            Promote continuity 
            Be host to a particular interest group 
            Provide places for children 
            Confront the users with a crisis 
      The Doblin Group's (1995) elements of community: 
            Effort: obligation, participation, responsibility, collaboration,
            Purpose: focus, influence, shared activity, progress, shared vision 
            Identity: character, bounded, coherent, authentic, shared history,
            Organic: decentralized, richness, co-constructed, interdependent,
            Adaptive: flexible, scaleable, responsive, resilient, feedback 
            Freedom: rights, access, choice, empowering, fit 

To find the recently added references, just hit one of the "New
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