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Lovecraft dave at darkages.com
Wed Feb 2 23:37:33 New Zealand Daylight Time 2000

Jon A. Lambert wrote:
> In particular...
> Quoted from    http://www1.darkages.com/support/index.html
> "Harass, threaten or embarrass another Player in the Dark Ages or to cause
> distress, unwanted attention or discomfort of such Player, or any other
person > or entity. Nexon does not condone harassment in any form and may
> or terminate the account of any Player who harasses others."

> Is this handled by you or player guards and demagogues?  Or is this
> considered out-of-game conduct?

I do.  However, I'm never directly present _as an admin character_.  I have
no time.  I am about 2/3rds of Dark Ages development/operations staff.  A
player present will inform me.  Usually guards or legislators do this.  I
immediately investigate and decide.

Often times players solve it themselves.  A guard may punish or may educate.

The division of labor:
    1. Terms of Service Agreement: Nexon handles.  That is, I do.
    2. In-game laws.  Players handle it.  For example, there are
role-playing laws by the players.  I actually don't agree with some of the
laws.  As long as the laws or law-enforcers are not hurting the community,
the players control politics.  My previous messages show details.

Players decide to what degree to carry the law.  Role-playing laws are
generally considered a special form of harassment, because it annoys some
members of the community.  If nobody present is annoyed, then there's no
need to enforce it.  A law enforcer could be more demanding, but I wouldn't
want it.  Entertainment is more important than lawyering.  Authoritarianism
kills fun for the common man.

Dave Kennerly
Game Director

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