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David Bennett ddt at discworld.imaginary.com
Mon Feb 14 13:38:04 New Zealand Daylight Time 2000

On 2/13/00, at 12:36 PM, Caliban Tiresias Darklock wrote: 

>One of the things I'm adding to my project is dynamic guilds, although I
>call them "teams". The way this works is pretty simple.

>From what I have seen of clans and so on most muds they are quite artifical
and created, often the clan leader is appointed by the immortals, is this a
correct assumption?

Anyway, on Discworld I implemented clubs instead.  Anyone can create a club
(for a certain amount of money) and they require upkeep.  You can invite
anyone you wish into your club and you can appoint other people that can
invite people into your club.  Once the club reaches a certain size it
opens up for elections and you elect all your main members.  You can
control almost all aspects of the club, even setup elections on whatever
issues you want to vote on.  There is some money sharing and the clubs all
gain their own chat lines (there are other benifits too :).  This system
has prooven to be amazingly popular so far, more popular than I expected...
 There are also club rooms planned, which clubs can buy and outfit in
whatever manner they wish.  It will also contain shops and lockers for
people to share equipment.  You can be a member of as many clubs as you

This gets around some of the problems that people mentioned of clans being
fixed and harsh...  This makes a similar sort of construct extremely
flexible and the result is driven by the players, without any immortal

Families have prooven to be pretty good too...   A family gives you a
family name, and you can invite other people into your family (anyone in a
family can invite new members).  You setup a relationship with people and
being in a family gives you a last name.  You can only be a member of one
family at a time...

Fluff and more fluff,

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