[MUD-Dev] distributed objects

Gary Whitten undiscoveredworlds at mediaone.net
Mon Feb 14 21:04:57 New Zealand Daylight Time 2000

While I am a brand new user on this list, I suppose I could be called a
'senior' person.  I was head of a commercial game for about 3 years, even it
was locked into an archaic code base and I know a bit about game balance and
design.  I know list etiquette usually dictates a 'lurking period' to get
the feel of a list or newsgroup before posting, I think JC's suggestion is a
good one and makes sense and would like to comment

If people who aren't in the rarified atmosphere of the posts of late need
some information of help, I guess the best thing is to ask.  I will be
asking a few questions myself here and there.  I know some of the stuff
about log(2-N) sent me running for some oxygen myself.

Personally, I'd be happy to help wherever I could, so please ask if you need
it.  Everyone starts somewhere, and then works their way up :)

Gary Whitten
undiscoveredworlds at mediaone.net

<SNIP> Listowner post below
>   So, let's help out the people still climbing the ladder, help
> ourselves at the same time, and, umm, try and spread the wealth of
> the list a little more widely.

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