[MUD-Dev] distributed objects

Laurent Bossavit bossavit at cybercable.fr
Tue Feb 15 22:20:09 New Zealand Daylight Time 2000

Kevin Littlejohn sez:

> Phil's comment on that was that it's impossible to construct a
> decent fight system, for instance, under that setup, because you
> can never guarantee that 

Um... Unless I'm missing a perfectly obvious point (which wouldn't be 
the first time) don't the solutions outlined at www.erights.org for 
implementing secure "purses" also fit the bill for combat systems ?  

Your HP is held in a "purse" as described in there. Before each 
combat round, combatants must hand over all of their HP to the combat 
system. The system then determines how much damage each party has 
taken (problems inherent in such determinations, such as making sure 
everyone really has the weapons they claim to have, being outside the 
scope of this suggested solution) and hands back the remainder to the 

You don't have to prevent an object from 'cheating' by not handing 
over all of its HP, but only a fraction instead; if an object doesn't 
have enough HP to sustain the damage inflicted, it is declared "dead" 
by the system. Again, how tags such as "being dead" can be attached 
to an object if that object won't go along with the joke is another 

IOW, my point is that if a capability system lets you do financial 
transactions, then you can model your combat system as a set of 
(pseudo-)financial transactions...

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