[MUD-DEV] a shrinking pool of players?

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Tue Feb 15 23:22:32 New Zealand Daylight Time 2000

At 09:31 PM 2/15/00 -0500, JD wrote:
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>>>  testify
>Wrong word.. EQ alone holds more than 50k people. Then add in the people at 
>UO.. and AC.. and the ones that were at Realm.. and The list goes on and on...
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I've played EQ before, and I would say roughly 80% of those people have no
clue what a text-based mud is. EQ is a commercialized video game in
every sense of the word. It is akin to UT and Q3A except for the fact that it
focuses more on a roleplaying aspect rather than kill, kill, kill.
I wouldn't even consider EQ/UO part of the mudding community. Anyone who
has started on one of those games then attempts to switch to a text-based
mud will not be a happy camper. It's just like trying to get heavy video game
players to play AD&D, it is very difficult unless they have a modicum of
intelligence and a bit of creativity. Text muds are one step between AD&D
and video games. EQ/UO are video games, plain and simple.


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