[MUD-Dev] The Endeavour Map and MUD Applications

Michael Hohensee michael at sparta.mainstream.net
Wed Feb 16 11:28:50 New Zealand Daylight Time 2000

For those of you who haven't yet heard, the Space Shuttle Endeavour has
been engaged in making an extremely high resolution map of the Earth
from orbit. (see http://www.spacer.com/shuttle )  These maps are more
uniformly accurate than any made before, as can be seen here:

What I'm wondering is: can we gain access to the raw data of these maps,
and then use portions of it to form the foundation of a MUD's world.  We
would no longer have to worry about how realistic our fractal worldmap
generation schemes are, and what's more, we'd be able to use MUDs to
explore the real world (or whatever modified version of the real world
that we choose). 


Michael Hohensee

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