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>     Also, have you looked into using a geographic database to create
> your world.
> I've looked into using GIS data to create a MUD exactly like the
> world.  I
> defined about 100 regions and then defined programs that would
> populate those
> regions using biological systems.  Once I had a fully functional world
> model with
> GIS data and vegetation data built on top I put about 400 mini ai NPCs
> to work
> in groups of ten and let them build and populate.  It was an ants
> behind the glass
> type of MUD because there was no PC integration.  But it was rather
> neat to watch
> and the system was there in a way that I didn't need any world
> builders to create
> areas.  After about 3 months all my areas were created.

I am /extremely/ interested in what you just described.  I was wondering if
the code/data that you used was made available to the public in any way.
Also, could you elaborate on what kind of A-Life algorithm you used to build
and populate your world?  I have often thought about a project along those
lines, but I do not have a firm grasp on where I would start.  Finally, when
you say that you had your areas created, do you mean that you had
populations and terraign, or was there something more complext to the
"build" aspect of your agents?

Thanks for the info in advance,

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