[MUD-Dev] code base inquiry

Dundee SkeptAck at antisocial.com
Thu Feb 17 21:37:07 New Zealand Daylight Time 2000

Matthew Mihaly wrote:
> > I find it rather funny that you think that someone who downloads a =
> > codebase and puts his or her sparetime into it is going to produce
> > something superior to, say, UO.

Richard Woolcock wrote:=20
> Please stop putting words into my mouth.  I have never said anything =
> *remotely* similar to the above.

Granted, you don't want to be *alone* on a MUD, but as far as I'm =
a mud with 100 users is superior to one with 5000 users, all other things
being equal.  For no other reason than that.

Most of my users came from UO, or cancelled UO when they started playing.
I'm betting they'd tell you its "superior".  All I did was to downloaded =
stock codebase, and put my sparetime into it.

Matthew Mihaly wrote:
> > Perhaps we have different standards of quality, but I, for one, =
> > like things like customer service, which free muds are laughably poor=
> > in general.

Richard Woolcock wrote:=20
> Customer service on free muds is generally bad, but from what I've =
> from pay-to-play players, the customer service on commercial muds is =
> any better.

I think its generally worse.  Admin:user ratio being what it is.

Matthew Mihaly wrote:
> > Right, so you run your mud with an eye towards driving away players,
> > right?

Just about to that point.  'Many more we cannot accomodate.

Richard Woolcock wrote: =20
> those players who *don't* want to PK.  Graphical muds, mostly =
> the sort of players who are used to Diablo and Quake, would - I imagine=
> lean more towards PK than text-based muds.

Again, I've found just the opposite.  Probably because if you want =
and PKing, there are so many commercial, high-quality choices.  People =
want graphics and no-PKing are the ones putting up UO Server emulators =
playing on them.  The people that like PKing are sticking with UO, =
quake, whatever.

'No clue what the comparison to textmuds is, other than it seems like =
who has ever played on a textmud eventually puts one up.

Richard Woolcock wrote: =20
> And this is the root of our disagreement.  I make plenty of money from=20
> my real life job - creating the mud is my hobby and my escape from the=20
> pressures of other people.  You make your money from your mud.

I don't understand how his charging for access - or his ability to charge=
access - limits your ability to run a free mud.


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