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Matthew Mihaly diablo at best.com
Fri Feb 18 12:11:20 New Zealand Daylight Time 2000

On Fri, 18 Feb 2000, Geoffrey A. MacDougall wrote:

> Greetings,
> Two short and simple questions for which I hope there are short and simple
> answers:
> 1.) When one is designing a guide/admin/wizard/immortal/whatever system that
> relies on player volunteers (for a large-scale graphical commercial MUD),
> how many applications per number of players can one expect to receive?
> I.e., what percentage of the playerbase would be interested in becoming a
> guide?
> 2.) What is the ratio of qualified applicants to total number of
> applications?
> I realize these questions are liable to elicit a number of answers that
> begin with "It depends...", but I'm hoping for a sweeping generalization, if
> there is one...

I can't speak for graphical commercial MUDs, but we tend to get about 5%
of our active playerbase interested in being a Guide when we ask for
applications. Our requirements are largely just that they have to have
played at least 300 hours before applying. 

I make the applicants write a little essay on why they should be a Guide,
and I find that about half of them write well enough and demonstrate a
mature enough grasp of their duties to be chosen.


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