[MUD-Dev] Client side prediction

Koster Koster
Mon Feb 21 09:27:08 New Zealand Daylight Time 2000

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> "Dr. Cat" wrote:
> > have a bunch of overhead issues tile based worlds don't. =20
> (Though I wonder
> > how many of them do things like conserving bandwidth by using dead
> > reckoning and only sending a packet when the client's=20
> expected prediction
> > will be too far form the actual correct position.)
> Are you by "dead reckoning" suggesting implementing all the physics =
> the client? I've spent too much time thinking about this, and I've
> reached the conclusion that the problems that are associated with =
> approach are too many and the benefits are too few.

You should look at what games like Air Warrior and Warbirds do. There's
well-known solutions out there for minimizing bandwidth and using dead
reckoning. The issues you describe mostly don't apply...

> Basically, when you start to think in that direction you will=20
> be driven
> towards activities that are disjoint, that doesn't require=20
> syncing, that
> doesn't depend on what other people do. That's no good if user-user
> interaction is the main goal.

There's a ton of stuff that you don't need to have be synched except in
terms of shared experience. It doesn't matter if the two observers are =
in exact synch as long as both actually get to see the event.=20


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