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Matthew Mihaly diablo at best.com
Thu Feb 24 21:35:04 New Zealand Daylight Time 2000

On Thu, 24 Feb 2000, MichelleThompson wrote:
>  Mainly what I am thinking of deals with reusability.  On most muds I have seen,
>  you can assign what is essentially a class to a mob.  Commonly, it seems to be
>  through an attachment to the mob as a special program.   What I was thinking
>  might be interesting is if someone built character scripts that you could
>  attach to mobs.  Ie, some kids would probably get a shy script, a drunk would
>  have a bully script.  A small boy could possibly get a curious script.   The
>  scripts would generally define how mobs reacted to specific actions by
>  characters and other mobs.  They would also define actions that did not need
>  triggering for that particular "personality."  Reusable personality scripts
>  seems to be a good halfway point between the fact that a lot of mobs do not have
>  a personality, they just stand there waiting, and have limited reactions to
>  the players, and the fact that it would not be practical to write a personality
>  script for every mob in the mud.
 Ahh, right. That's the way our system works. You can make programs as
 general or as specific as you want, and assign them to as few or as many
 mobs as you want. We've got hundreds of programs, though most are only
 used for one mobile. Our policy is essentially that any mobile with a
 unique name gets a unique prog with, minimally, 3 or so random responses
 to being greeted that are specific to that mob. Maximally, they can be
 programmed to respond to a number of things: overhearing things being
 said, being told to, being asked something, being given something, being
 generally greeted, being attacked, dying, entry of a player, exit of a
 player, and can be set to just randomly do things now and then. 
 'Generic' mobiles (sometimes referred to as 'cannon fodder'....'a filthy
 orc' or, 'a goblin sentry', etc) usually just respond according to certain
 defined behaviors for all generic mobs (how they respond exactly depends
 on their personality type). Anyway, if you've got, say, 200 or 300 unique
 mobiles, it's not THAT much work to give them all unique programs. 

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