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Justin Lockshaw jlockshaw at signio.com
Sat Feb 26 09:48:04 New Zealand Daylight Time 2000

On Fri, 25 Feb 2000 18:38:46 -0500 
Derek Snider <derek at idirect.com> wrote:

: This is sorta off-topic, but not entirely...  Is anyone here going
: to be attending the Game Developer's Conference in San Jose,
: Californina (March 7th-12th)?

I had forgotten about this until you reminded me. Looks like I missed my
chance to get discounted prices for early purchase but I will most likely
still attend. I would like the chance to meet up with some of the people on
this list as well, not that anyone, save a select few, have any clue who I

: I'm going to be going as a "Conference Associate" (A.K.A. volunteer...
: I save $1100USD for putting in some work checking badges and stuff).

How did you get involved with that? I might be interested in doing the same
at some point.

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