[MUD-Dev] [Off-topic] GDC-2000

Kristen L. Koster koster at eden.com
Sat Feb 26 15:00:07 New Zealand Daylight Time 2000

on 2/25/2000 6:38 PM, Derek Snider wrote:

> This is sorta off-topic, but not entirely...
> Is anyone here going to be attending the Game Developer's Conference in San
> Jose, Californina (March 7th-12th)?

I'm speaking, Mike Sellers is speaking, Dr Amy Bruckman, Jonathan Baron &
Amy Jo Kim (both referenced on the list) are speaking, & folks from several
other commercial muds including Toby Ragaini of Asheron's Call and Brad
McQuaid of EverQuest, will be speaking too. And Zach Simpson on in-game
economy of UO, and Gordon Walton who currently runs UO's service and who ran
Kesmai before that... I believe there is an EQ case study as well. If you
attend, introduce yourself if you come by any of my talks...


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