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Sun Feb 27 21:36:15 New Zealand Daylight Time 2000

On Sun, 27 Feb 2000, you wrote:
> At 11:52 PM 2/26/00 +0000, Richard wrote: 
> > I've recently had MSP (Mud Sound Protocol) mentioned to me as a "good thing"
> for the mud I'm working on, but I can find very little information 
> > regarding the system itself on the web (most links are mud-specific and
> merely contain download links for .wav files).  I've seen it in action, and was
> > quite impressed, but still none the wiser. 
> > So here's my question; how does one go about getting MSP implemented, has
> anyone here implemented it successfully, and what kind of impact 
> > does it have in terms of system load, design, etc? 
> > Richard
I had posted this earlier, but it was just kicked back, so lemme try one
more time. Rather than the history, here is a quick link.
http://www.kyndig.com/codes/SNIPPS  just click on MSP.

My first post since being on the list a few months now,

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