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Mon Feb 28 14:54:50 New Zealand Daylight Time 2000

On Mon, 28 Feb 2000 09:42:50 -0800 
Bruce  <bruce at cubik.org> wrote:

> Richard A. Bartle wrote:
>> I'll be among those swelling the coffers of the organisers by
>> attending.

> I don't expect to be attending the conference this year, but would
> like to attend whatever MUD-Dev get-together occurs.  Since I'll
> be flying down for that, is there an agreement on Friday evening
> for that?

I know of three decent restaurants within a short walking distance
of the convention center (and have a particular fondness for Al
Fornaio just down the road (bit pricey tho)).  I suggest the
following approach:

  I'll be in the front lobby of the convention center (just in front
the water works) at 18:30 hours on Friday.  If you want to meet up
for dinner, wander up to the tallish chap (6'4") with a buzz cut and
a moustache (that's me) and mutter something terribly insightful
about MUD-Dev.  Sometime before 19:00 hours we'll head out for food.



If you're interested in also getting together sometime earlier in
the week or over the weekend, I'm pretty wide open except for
Saturday night when I'm tentatively scheduled to do an informal
Anime party at my place in Newark (end of the Dumbarton Bridge).
You're welcome to attend -- just give me some advance notice on how
many of you I can expect.  If you'interested, just drop me a note.

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