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Eli Stevens {Grey} ens017 at mizzou.edu
Thu Mar 2 23:09:40 New Zealand Daylight Time 2000

At last something I can contribute to!  :)

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From: Jon A. Lambert <jlsysinc at ix.netcom.com>

> I was checking out connection prices and equipment the other day and
> it occurred to me that this was an topic that hasn't been discussed
> very often on the list.
> For those of you that are running your own in-house servers:
> What networking hardware are you using, routers, cards, modems, etc.?

While I do not currently have a server running, I could (and will, as soon
as I am ready to wipe my old computer's HDD and install NT Server, which
could be a while, due to "issues" that I am having with win2k, but that is
another story :).  My two roommates and I have an ADSL line coming into our
house, which connects to a 10 Mbps ethernet hub.  From there we have four
computers running into the hub (our three personal PCs, and one soon-to-be
server sitting in my room).  The four all have dynamic IPs.  We live in
Columbia, Missouri, and the line comes from GTE, the local phone company
here.  The costs run about as follows (the one-time GTE prices are
estimates, they have specials and discounts all the time, so they may be
different from when we got our line in October):

$ 30 - Linksys 10/100 Etherfast NIC
$ 80 - Linksys 10/100 5 port 10Base-T hub
$ 50?- ADSL modem (bought from GTE with the ADSL package)

$100?- GTE setup fees

$ 50 - 768kbps in, 128kbps out, dynamic IPs.

As I understand the setup, the 768/128 is shared, so during busy times we do
not get the full rate.  It has never slowed to a point that has bothered my
casual web surfing (I do not know how it would hold up under server
bandwidth requirements).  Note that GTE makes no restrictions whatsoever on
what we do with that data pipe.  It is totaly within the rules of our
service agreement to host any kind of server we want.  That was unusual in
the contracts of the ISPs in our area.  Most disallowed any kind of hosting.

Overall, we are happy with the line, although it took them a week+ to
configure the routers correctly so that we could talk with the 'net.  Once
that was taken care of, it has been pretty smooth sailing.  I think that
service was out once, for about an hour (I didn't notice it, I was in
class).  All in all, I would recommend the service.


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