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> There was "Mines of Moria" (I think that's what it was called) on the
> CDC Plato educational system. That would have been in the 70's, I think.
> It was rather directly based on D&D, I'm told, and used B&W vector-style
> graphics (done on bitmapped displays). Unfortunately, I never did see
> it myself, but I heard descriptions. It was a combat MUD, but I think it
> was only D&D groups against monsters, and not player versus player.

I think you might still be able to play Moria to this day - there was an
implementation of Plato that ran over the Internet that got put together
some years back.  Oubliette and dnd were two other noteworth graphic MUDs
on Plato back in the mid to late 70s.  I think Avatar, the one that
Wizardry was most directly based on, didn't come out until 1980.  I don't
know which of the early Plato games supported it & which didn't, but I
know they had at least one graphic MUD in the 1970s that did support
player vs. player combat.

> My first announcement of an AmigaMUD release was April 3, 1996, so BSX
> was way before me, although quite a lot more primitive. That article
> is:  Message-ID: <4jtbqa$g6b at mark.ucdavis.edu>

Some other dates I recall - I believe Club Caribe (the scaled down version
of Habitat) debuted in 1985.  My own DragonSpires opened to the public in
1994.  Neverwinter Nights (on AOL) and Shadow of Yserbius (on The Sierra
Network) were somewhere between, I don't remember a specific year on
either.  I think Neverwinter Nights might have been 1991, Yserbius maybe a
couple years later?

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