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> [<adam at treyarch.com>:]
> > This is what, IMO, makes DSL superior to a cable modem (especially for
> > server tasks): despite being an order of magnitude slower on the low
> > the bandwidth is always there, steady as a rock.  Cable modems can get
> > very bad during the day.
> That can certainly happen with cable modems, but the results can vary
> a lot. Different cable companies run different technologies of modems,
> and have different policies. Some technologies can deliver lots more
> raw shared bandwidth than others. Some cable companies have much lower
> limits on how many customers they will put on one "strand". I'd guess
> that various combinations can differ by factors of 2 or 3 in what the
> minimum available bandwidth is.

hello, i was under the impression that the bandwidth that you got from DSL
depended on the package that you got from the phone company..
I.E. i myself am getting what they call the "Bronze Plus" package which
gives me
up to 768 up/128 down. but at no time does it promise that the "minimum"
will be there at all..
ie can go down to 0 at bad times.. i seem to average around 240k (lousy i

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