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Jon A. Lambert jlsysinc at ix.netcom.com
Fri Mar 3 23:36:40 New Zealand Daylight Time 2000

J C Lawrence wrote:

Lots of good info.  I probably hit too many areas at once. :-) 
I'll take time here to show where I'm at now, and then do some 

I've got 4 machines each with 3com 100/10Tbase ethernet cards 
connected to a 3com 4 port hub.
    A 486dx66 with 16mb running slackware Linux
    A Pentium 90 with 32mb running Win95
    A 400mhz P-II with 64mb running Win98
    A new dual 500mhz P-III with 128mb running Win2000/server 
    I've got a 56k dial-up connection running off the P-II.

>I don't use modems.

Ok... I think my decision at this point is whether to go with DSL or 
Cable modem.   

>Low end routers: El-cheapo i486 and pentium boxes with a couple NICs
>work well.  There's a rash of such PCI 4U rackmounts going cheap
>here in the Valley as a number of labs clear out -- they make very
>attractive firewall/routers.  I have an i486-33 sitting beneath my
>desk as the router/firewall for the home LAN that's serving
>excellent duty for a net cost of $25 in parts (admittedly the
>rackmount stuff is a tad more expensive).  Its a cute box really:

I'm confused about this issue.   I was planning on connecting the P-III
right onto the net.  Should I instead use the 486 or P90 as a router? 
What are the downsides and upsides of using the linux machine as a 
firewall/router?  Could I also use it as a browser gateway, since
I'd like the P-II to have web access.   Would I only need 1 static 
IP for all 3 machines?  (I'm planning on scrapping one of them.)

>Switches: HP makes some very nice equipment.  Hot pluggable, full
>(and well done) SNMP support, remote console, etc.  Been a while
>since I've bought one, but they were comparitively reasonably priced
>last time I did.

I prolly won't need these.  At least I don't think so!?   


I suppose I'm set here, unless it flakes out.


All towers.  Too late now.  ;-)

>> What type of network connection and what was the install cost and
>> monthly, yearly cost are you paying?  
>Kanga.Nu is sitting on a 384Kbit DSL at Larry McVoy's under
>BitMover/BitKeeper's wing.  In a month or so I'll either get 724K
>DSL here at home (moving soon), or I'll move it over to a tier 3 ISP
>for a likely colo cost cost of ~$120/month with redundant T1

I'm going to be running web and ftp services, light use.  And only 
occasionally running remote shells.   I'll want to support about 100-150 
users at a time the same mud using 1k-2k per user.  It looks like a 
constant 384K in both directions is about the minimum I should check 
into, no?  

>Name registration: 
>DNS services: 

I'd like to spend less than $100/mo average cost, outside of the installation.

And thanks to everyone who have posted and sent me mail.  :-)

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