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Dominic J. Eidson sauron at the-infinite.org
Sat Mar 4 00:17:23 New Zealand Daylight Time 2000

On Fri, 3 Mar 2000, Jon A. Lambert wrote:

> J C Lawrence wrote:
> >

[Kept the list of HW to make things simpler]

>     A 486dx66 with 16mb running slackware Linux
>     A Pentium 90 with 32mb running Win95
>     A 400mhz P-II with 64mb running Win98
>     A new dual 500mhz P-III with 128mb running Win2000/server 
>     I've got a 56k dial-up connection running off the P-II.


> I'm confused about this issue.   I was planning on connecting the P-III
> right onto the net.  Should I instead use the 486 or P90 as a router? 
> What are the downsides and upsides of using the linux machine as a 
> firewall/router?  Could I also use it as a browser gateway, since
> I'd like the P-II to have web access.   Would I only need 1 static 
> IP for all 3 machines?  (I'm planning on scrapping one of them.)

With the machines you have, I would suggest a setup somewhere along the

 56k modem/DSL/Cable
         486[1] --- hub/switch ---- P90
                     /     \
                   /         \
                P2/400       P3/500

(And remove whichever one later you want to remove.)

[1] The 486 you set up as GW box (if you want, you can run NAT/IP
    Masquerading on it).

If you choose to go the NAT/IP Masquerading route, I'd suggest reading the
IP Masquerading-HOWTO (or mini-howto) - it has a nice short step-by-step
process for doing this. As for how feasible this is to do - we do NAT at
work (we have approx. 2500 machines on our LAN/WAN, all firewalled/NAT'ed
through one poor Ultra10...

If you choose to give all 3 (4?) public IP's, then all you would have to
do is set the routes on the 486 to point to the correct interface for the
various IP/s.

> >Switches: HP makes some very nice equipment.  Hot pluggable, full
> >(and well done) SNMP support, remote console, etc.  Been a while
> >since I've bought one, but they were comparitively reasonably priced
> >last time I did.

Small plug here - I know the gear is expensive, but I am biased towards
Bay Networks (maybe soon to be called Nortel) (mainly because we use it
exclusively and have had very little problems with it.)

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