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At 08:16 AM 3/4/00 , J C Lawrence wrote:

[snip description of NAT]
>Outside of that, there are few problems.  If you want you can use
>one of the single-floppy distributions, or even (fairly trivially)
>build and cut your own bootable CD and run it that way.  There's
>also a mini HOW-TO on the area which is quite good.  If you go for
>the magentic media approach, Debian probably makes the simplest to
>maintain distribution (which is why I moved all my moxes off RedHat
>about a year ago). as you can do most of the work of system
>maintenance and upgrade off cron-jobs and then just hand walk the
>few things that need supervision when-ever you wish (which is
>specifically why my colo boxes all run Debian: No more CD upgrades
>-- everything is done over the wire).

I don't want to start a Linux distro flame, but you *can* do that with
other distributions as well. There might be other reasons to run GNU/Debian
(and IMO there are; my firewall/gateway is actually a GNU/Debian box), but
online updates isn't one. RedHat 6.1 introduced their (somewhat buggy, I
have to admit) "Update Agent" and SuSE has a similar feature. If nothing
else, you could simply rsync against any of the major file archives and
have a crontab that keeps your system updated.

The TrinityOS document (referenced in my previous post) has a few nice
suggestions about automatic updates.

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