[MUD-Dev] MUD timeline

Daniel A. Koepke dkoepke at circlemud.org
Sun Mar 5 12:08:13 New Zealand Daylight Time 2000

On Sun, 5 Mar 2000, Kristen L. Koster <koster at eden.com> wrote:

> 1990 

DikuMUD's release is in with this bunch according to its copyright date.

> 1992

Merc 1.0 here.

> 1993 

MercMUD 2.1 comes in here, as well as CircleMUD 2.00 (July 16, 1993 is the
initial public release, although, Jeremy Elson, its creator, had run it
prior to that time [on a machine named 'circle', hence the name]).
SillyMUD, a lesser known Diku-derivative, appears to come in here.

> 1994 

CircleMUD 3.0 appears (its in beta under active development to this day).
Work on Valhalla Mud Engine (VME/DikuII) apparently starts here, although
I can't say for certain (better to ask Michael Seifert <seifert @


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