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Ralph Koster wrote:
> I haven't had the chance to integrate any of the mud-dev feedback yet, but
> the latest version of the timeline is available at
> http://www.legendmud.org/raph/gaming/mudtimeline.html

In the East:

1994    The Kingdom of the Winds, graphic, tile-based MUD (Nexon, Korean)
begins development.
1995    Jake Lee of Nexon leaves Nexon to form NCSoft and branches TK server
into Lineage.
1996    The Kingdom of the Winds opens.
1997?    Lineage opens.
1999    Nexon develops distributed game servers.
1999    The Kingdom of the Winds peaks 12,263 simultaneous users in the same
world, using distributed game servers.

What other major worlds pioneered in the East?  I read of a Habitat spinoff
licensed in Japan.

Have other spatial graphic online worlds gathered 10,000 simultaneous users
in the same world?  By same world, I mean that the players can travel and
interact with each other at the same time, as opposed to cloned worlds.  All
items, records, creatures and so on in the world.

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