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Koster Koster
Mon Mar 6 18:31:25 New Zealand Daylight Time 2000

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> Blatant plug (though I am no longer associated with its
> operation); in 1994 Avalon went onto the Internet (after
> operating since 1990 with modems and 'host-play' terminals
> in the UK). This is noteworthy, aside from any innovations
> in Avalon's gameplay, because I think we were the first 
> commercial MUD on the Internet. We certainly got flamed 
> as if we were. 

Looks like Valhalla, an LPMud, beat you to that distinction in 1992. :)
(Source: Lauren Burka)


PS, timeline is updating on my website as we speak, with stuff from the
mud-dev feedback as well as other sources including direct from Kesmai
folks, from VaultNetwork, etc.


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