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At 12:55 AM 3/5/00 -0500, Kristen L. Koster wrote:
>Online World Timeline
>The following is a timeline for the development of virtual worlds. I welcome
>more additions to the timeline. Check at the bottom of this for a list of

I have a few comments and a bit to add at the end...

>*    Galaxy II launches on GEnie.

This was actually Galaxy I, and it was the first AUSI game on GEnie.

>*    Dragon's Gate (a revised and renamed Aradath) launches on GEnie.

Actually, Dragon's Gate launched on GEnie in 1990, written by Mark Jacobs
and Darrin Hyrup (AUSI).

>*    AOL takes on Gemstone III and Dragon's Gate.

Gemstone III opened on AOL in '95 (as you indicated above.)

Dragon's Gate is right tho... it opened in summer '96. (from Interworld
Productions formerly AUSI)

Under 1989 add:

Simutronics launches Orb Wars on GEnie.

Under 1996 add:

Splatterball (the first 3D graphical MMPG?) published by Engage (from
Interworld Productions -- soon to be Mythic Entertainment)

Under 2000 add:

Dark Age of Camelot (a large-scale graphical MMPG) announced by Mythic

There are several other published Mythic-made MMPGs I left out
(Magestorm-97, Darkness Falls-97, Aliens Online-98, Godzilla-98, Starship
Troopers-98, Silent Death-99, Darkness Falls: Crusade-99, Spellbinder-99 --
most of which run on Gamestorm or AOL), but they weren't really ground
breaking so I didn't add them.  If you want them, I can give more details.


Darrin Hyrup
Mythic Entertainment

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