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Koster Koster
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> I must be plainly honest (although i'd love it if we were 'first').
> I'm in luck, since i save all my mail......
> Valhalla started development about 1992, but started going commercial
> in late 1993/ beginning 1994 on dial-up hosts, and i think on 
> internet 
> about mar/apr 1996, when Michael Seifert moved to the US. If 
> Avalon or 
> LPMud went commercial on the internet before this, they'd be before 
> us :-).

I thought this was a different Valhalla. I've got the following references:

January 1992. Valhalla, an lpmud, becomes self-supporting by charging
players money. Though Lars granted Valhalla permission to do so, the
controversy arose over whether Lars had that right, given to the number of
authors who had contributed to LPMud. (Lauren Burka's MUDLine)

1994: Work begins on Diku II, also called VME for Valhalla Mud Engine. It
now includes a fully embedded scripting system called DIL. (This list).

April 1995. Valhalla, an lpmud, requests monetary donations from players
instead of charging for access. (Lauren Burka's MUDLine)

Based on your post, I think there's some confusion to clear up. Can you
clear it up? :)


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