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Thanks for your additions!

> What other major worlds pioneered in the East?  I read of a 
> Habitat spinoff
> licensed in Japan.

That's on the timeline, thanks to Randy Farmer. :)

> Have other spatial graphic online worlds gathered 10,000 
> simultaneous users
> in the same world?  By same world, I mean that the players 
> can travel and
> interact with each other at the same time, as opposed to 
> cloned worlds.  All
> items, records, creatures and so on in the world.

I don't know of any. I know that the Realm claimed to have capacity for that
many, but I don't know if they actually hit that amount. On the major
US-based games, the limiting factor is usually not the technology but the
amount of map/game data available. That plus the advantages for customer
reach that come with co-location lead to the creation of cloned worlds. (The
term "shards" from UO seems to have entered the common industry vocabulary
now, which is amusing, since it's so fiction-specific).


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