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Koster Koster
Wed Mar 8 10:25:29 New Zealand Daylight Time 2000

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> >*    Dragon's Gate (a revised and renamed Aradath) launches on GEnie.
> Actually, Dragon's Gate launched on GEnie in 1990, written by 
> Mark Jacobs
> and Darrin Hyrup (AUSI).

Was it in fact a revised/remake of Aradath, or was it its own thing?

> Under 1989 add:
> Simutronics launches Orb Wars on GEnie.

Out of all the Simutronics games, this is the one I know absolutely nothing
about. Any details?

> Under 1996 add:
> Splatterball (the first 3D graphical MMPG?) published by Engage (from
> Interworld Productions -- soon to be Mythic Entertainment)

Dunno if it's first. AlphaWorld almost certainly predates it, and Meridian
59 *may* also depending on the month.

> Under 2000 add:
> Dark Age of Camelot (a large-scale graphical MMPG) announced by Mythic
> Entertainment.

No fair, you had JUST announced when I started gathering the info for the
timeline. ;) I am looking forward to seeing this at GDC. You gonna be there,
able to show it to me?

> There are several other published Mythic-made MMPGs I left out
> (Magestorm-97, Darkness Falls-97, Aliens Online-98, 
> Godzilla-98, Starship
> Troopers-98, Silent Death-99, Darkness Falls: Crusade-99, 
> Spellbinder-99 --
> most of which run on Gamestorm or AOL), but they weren't really ground
> breaking so I didn't add them.  If you want them, I can give 
> more details.

Yeah, I want to stick to the groundbreaking stuff, unless it's useful for
showing "design lines" or the movment of key people or innovators from place
to place.


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