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On Tue, 7 Mar 2000, Koster, Raph wrote:

> I thought this was a different Valhalla. I've got the following
> references: January 1992. Valhalla, an lpmud, becomes
> self-supporting by charging players money. Though Lars granted
> Valhalla permission to do so, the controversy arose over whether
> Lars had that right, given to the number of authors who had
> contributed to LPMud. (Lauren Burka's MUDLine)

> 1994: Work begins on Diku II, also called VME for Valhalla Mud
> Engine.  It now includes a fully embedded scripting system called
> DIL. (This list).

> April 1995. Valhalla, an lpmud, requests monetary donations from players
> instead of charging for access. (Lauren Burka's MUDLine)
> Based on your post, I think there's some confusion to clear up. Can you
> clear it up? :)
> -Raph

I'm referring to DikuII / VME. I have no idea about the lpmud Valhalla.

I'm rather sure about the dates, since i base it on saved correspondance 
with some of the other members. Although the development started in 
late (nov/dec) 1992, it was not until late 1993/ beginning 1994 we had 
something usable and started buying the hardware, phone lines etc. I 
believe we went online with a dial-in host and modem pool in january or 
february 1994. It is true, however, that DIL is not workable before the 
end of 93.

About mar/apr 96, i start seeing messages send from Michael S. from 
valhalla-usa.com, so i guess it is about that time we move to the

All this has probably been confused because noone cared to write down 
when what happened. :-)

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