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>1993		Mosaic makes the Internet graphical
>		Shadow of Yserbius launches on Sierra network

Oh how I miss the days of Sierra's Shadow of Yserbius.
I think this is about a year or two off though.
Shadows of Yserbius was an online only game from about
1991-1992. Then in 1993 they needed a "sequel" so they
released the "Fates of Twinion." When they released
Fates online..I believe they then began selling the
games..I still have a couple of the old disks with them on it.
The first one came out was Yserbius Box version 1.0.
Int# 9.20.93. The "sequel" is Fates of Twinion
version 1.0.22 Int#9.24.93. Many of the guilds you see
on quake and other games got their beginnings on Shadows
of Yserbius, example: the Mercs and KOYs...anyway..hope
this helps.

If your interested you can see the game on the following


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