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> > My own DragonSpires opened to 
> > the public in
> > 1994. 
> When did Furcadia open?
> -Raph

In 1996.  Did I dawdle long enough to miss a chance at a little extra free
publicity at GDC?  :X)  I'd been meaning to go over the website and offer
any additional info I could, but the address of it must be a mile back in
the discussion somewhere, and I haven't had time anyway.  I am glad to see
someone mentioned A-Maze-ing which oughta be on there somewhere - and is
Castle Infinity mentioned?  Someone mentioned that Realm would clone off
dungeon areas for each party so there'd be enough monsters to fight, which
reminded me of Castle Infinity - a side-scroller action game, but it did
essentially the same thing.  That game was way ahead of its time, with a
lot of design innovations and some exceptional art and music, I'm still
sad it wasn't a huge hit.

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