[MUD-Dev] Admin: Corrections, data loss, and interruptions in service.

J C Lawrence claw at kanga.nu
Sun Mar 12 22:32:36 New Zealand Daylight Time 2000

Writing as list owner:

  MUD-Dev has been off the air for the last few hours.

  All account configurations for MUD-Dev have been lost.  This means
that settings like account passwords, digest mode, NOMAIL, have been
lost for all subscribers.  It is also possible that some subscriber
records, particularly people who subscribed very recently have also
been lost.  Sorry.

  I've known for a while that the configuration files for the list
server's configs for MUD-Dev have been corrupt.  Unfortunately
they're not nice easily editable/fixable/auditable text files, but
are instead Python pickled DBs.  I was unable in most of a day's
effort to find a path to move the account configuration that didn't
also bring over the corruption.  So, I ditched it.

  The corruption is now fixed (as is the POST problem I mentioned a
few days ago) and the list should be functioning normally as of this
message.  I've had the list send out your new account and password
data.  Please feel free to re-instate any necessary configurations
as needed.  

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