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> > From my vantage in the middle of the table with Chris Allen from
> > Skotos, Richard bartle, Raph Koster, Mathew Mihaley, Bruce (forget
> > last name) once of Cold and now doing a TOM project, a chap from
> > Skotos (sorry, forget your name), and one of the guys from EQ (my
> > memory is getting really bad), some of the interesting topics raised
> > encluded:

Perhaps Brad McQuaid (producer of EverQuest)?  He attended GDC and was
supposed to speak on the panel with Raph Koster, Amy Jo Kim, Amy Bruckman,
and company on the topic of Community Design for Large-Scale Gaming Worlds.

Just wondering, *chuckle* since he is my boss *grin*

~Ryan Palacio

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