[MUD-Dev] CGDC dinner

Sellers Sellers
Mon Mar 13 10:22:50 New Zealand Daylight Time 2000

Raph wrote:
> Brad & Smed didn't make it to the dinner. I am not sure they knew about
> actually. Mike Sellers showed at the meet & greet beforehand but didn't
> to dinner itself. I don't think any EQ guys were at the dinner.

Yeah, it was great meeting you all, and I'll be kicking myself for a good
year about bagging out on the dinner.  Meeting people was definitely the
highlight of the conf this year (as it always is I guess).  Next year I'll
just have to get a bit more sleep for the few days *before* the

Glad to hear about the dinner discussion though, very good stuff.  Wish I
could have stuck around to set you all straight. ;-)


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