[MUD-Dev] Re: GDC Dinner

Matthew Mihaly diablo at best.com
Mon Mar 13 13:24:27 New Zealand Daylight Time 2000

<snipped stuff about who was at the mud-dev dinner>

 Other people on the far end of the table...Jonathan Baron (Origin), Par
 <forget last name. Sorry Par!>, Geoffrey MacDougall (Poptronick
 Interactive), Brian Green (until recently of 3DO, working on maintaining
 Meridian 59), Lisa <something> (of Skotos), David Kennerly of Nexon (Dark
 Ages), Wes Connel (Skotos). 

 The "economist academic" referred to was Timothy Dang(not sure I'm
getting the last name correct.)
<some long paragraphs about consumer economies snipped>

 The consumer economy is a great motivatior, but one thing I gathered about
 economics on the MMORPGs is that the designers/live teamers feel (and I
 agree, just based on theories of emergent complexity) that it's not
 possible to predict the results of any even semi-complicated economic
 system, once you toss in a critical mass of players.
<things snipped about being able to buy things on credit within a game

 Problem I see with this: Using second characters to take out loans, giving
 the money to a first character, and not worrying about paying it back with
 the second.

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