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J C Lawrence claw at cp.net
Mon Mar 13 15:52:14 New Zealand Daylight Time 2000

Writing as list owner:

  One of the things that came up at the CGDC dinner was that a
number of people attending were looking for work, and a number of
companies were looking for people.

  If you check the list archives there's a fairly well established
tradition of both "job wanted" and "job offered" posts to the list.
In line with that tradition, I have absolutely no problem with
people posting about available positions or that they're even
looking for a new position -- given the following caveats: MUD-Dev
is not to become a commercial head hunting ground.  I'm not
interested in seeing resumes posted, or long job descriptions or
requirements.  MUD-Dev is not a formal venue for job hunting.
Specifically I don't want to see a lot of job related traffic here
(I've seen other lists destroyed by it), but I would like for the
list to help where it can and I don't mind a job related post "now
and then".

  So what can you post?  The key element that distinguishes an
acceptable posting from something I'll silently delete is character.
Commercial chest puffing, marketing/PR/sales pitches, abject pleas
("please please let me work for you!", "Never work for those
bastards!"), HR goofiness etc are not ___EVER__ welcome, be they
related to jobs or not.  The "Note from the List Owner" at the list
page at http://www.kanga.nu/lists/listinfo/mud-dev/ should spell
what is expected fairly clearly.

  But, if you happen to be affiliated with a game company that has
an open position it is perfectly fine to mention the position in the
manner of a helpful note for the membership, just not as a method of
representing your company (remember, YOU are subscribed to MUD-Dev,
NOT your company, and NOT you as a representative of your company).
If you happen to be looking for a job in the game industry related
to MUD-Dev's topic areas, it is perfectly Okay to mention that to
the list as it could be helpful to both you and some of the other
commercially affiliated list members.  No selling of anything, just
"useful information".

  Please also keep any follow-up traffic off the list.  It doesn't
belong here.

  Have a look at the list archives to see how previous posters have
handled it (IIRC Christopher Allen, Mike Sellers and Raph Koster
have each posted on open postions with their respective companies).
A number of others have mentioned their job hunts to the list as

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