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> First of all, has anyone heard of or built a successful business model in
> online gaming industry centered around an open source project?  I like the

> idea of open source products, especially the community development
> but still would like to develop a commercially viable product.  

http://www.worldforge.org. I think they are non-profit though.

> The membership fee could be associated with use of the product on a
> set of servers, and the product could be sold on CD or downloaded for
> There would most likely be a host of free servers out there, since the
>  software (or maybe a portion of it?) would be open source as well.
Bioware's Neverwinter Nights. http://www.bioware.com. A failed try:
Catware's Shattered Light.

> Would the availability of free servers destroy the commercial potential of

> pay servers?  

Nope. :)


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