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Erik Jarvi ejarvi at megsinet.net
Mon Mar 13 17:14:27 New Zealand Daylight Time 2000

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As a professional sound engineer, who is in between jobs,
I've come across quite a few jobs ads that have requirements
along the lines of Looking for C/C++ programmer with audio
knowledge or Graphic artist who can record and edit audio.
While most of these ads are for internet or software companies,
I am rather shocked at this.  I thought that audio was the
red-headed stepchild only for corporate live sound. :)

Since I live near Chicago, and in a different, but related field,
how do most game companies record audio for their games?
I can't see how using a recording studio is cost effective, when
the equipment is relatively cheap, and recording studios are
$200/hour for a decent one. (At least here in Chicago.)

Also is there usually a dedicated audio staff? In-house or contractors?
It boggles my mind that hmm how do I put this politely...
Aha! There is no doubt programmers and graphic artists and the 
like who are OK at recording, but would you hire an electrician
to be your audio engineer?

I am guessing that it depends on the gaming company.  I read
somewhere that Origin bought a THX certified recording studio
for Ultima Ascension. And IMHO Doom/DoomII's audio was amusingly
lo-fi, Q3a's was a vast improvment.
I'm totally ignorant how gaming companies work.
While I think it would be a neat area to get into, I don't have any 
illusions about it.
I lost those trying to get into recording studios. :)
(Here in Chicago recording studios are quite incestuous.)


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