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Justin Rogers justin at mlstoday.com
Tue Mar 14 12:49:55 New Zealand Daylight Time 2000

[Matthew Mihally wrote]
>  Problem I see with this: Using second characters to take out loans, giving
>  the money to a first character, and not worrying about paying it back with
>  the second.

    Actually this is an interesting topic.  You just described money laundering
in a MUD type environment.  Of course you knew that, but I'd figure on talking
about it or a paragraph.

    I have begun to implement a MUD in which various economic, biological,
systems are built completely separate of the MUD engine.  The MUD engine
works through interfaces to access data over each of the separate systems thus
joining them together.  However, the systems I design are completely self
sufficient and if the MUD server needs to be rebuilt, changed, dropped, etc...
it doesn't damage the state of the systems and the systems continue to develop
even without the interaction of the MUD engine.

    Next on my palette would probably be a law keeping system that tracks
various items or contains a persistent state of or catalogue of items that can
later affect a player, mob, or system.  For instance:

  1 John Doe kills a village of dwarves
  2 Kermit sees this and reports the incident
  3 A log gets created and slowly a picture of John Doe is created
as he performs more evil deeds.  Based on this persistent information
law officials are able to spot the criminal, dwarves can now notice
the player as a hostile enemy, so forth and so on.

    I think I'll add the money laundering concept into this module.  Basically
what the module consists of now is a set of processes that scan interelated
directories of information to spot trends so that they can in turn throw flags
when the MUD engine asks for them.  This consists of 30-60 AI threads that
each work on different paths or trends and contribute to different areas.  3
or 4 threads put on money laundering would quickly apprehend someone performing
the security breach you are talking about Matt...

    - Justin Rogers, CEO DigiTec Web Consultants

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